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Issues while saving code

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Issues while saving code


     Whenever i try to save a program code using save as..I'm getting TypeError: Cannot read property 'parentNode' of null to save program code?

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Re: Issues while saving code



this a very strange error, never saw it before. Well, I saw it but never within SAS.

This is an error with DOM. I wonder if you have all the DOM components of SAS EG registered properly on your Operating System (please contact a System Admin for that).


What I can advise you for now:


- Contact your SAS Technical Support for it.


In the meantime, also:


- update SAS EG by installing all the latest hotfixes available.

- Enable the logging functionality on your SAS EG: 

- your system admin can try to re-register the DOM components of SAS EG, by running the following command (under your Program Files/SASHome/SASEnterpriseGuide folder): SASEGuide.exe /register.


After any of those actions, you need to close your EG and open it again. Hopefully some of this solves your problem or, at least, it should give additional information. Please do not forget to involve your SAS Technical Support team from moment 0 and keep them updated until the solution, and communicate the final solution to help them to register properly your issue.


Sooy that I cannot help you better, let's s



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