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Issue in Line Plot Graph - Horizontal axis

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Issue in Line Plot Graph - Horizontal axis




I'm using SAS EG to generate a report from a output of a query. In the Query output, the values are displayed as follows


Job Name : Job_XXXX


Month         Average Time

SEP-16      02:00:51

OCT-16      03:54:14

NOV-16      12:12:54

DEC-16      08:08:21

JAN-17       10:21:54

FEB-17       11:12:24

MAR-17      02:14:45

APR-17       05:06:45

MAY-17       05:08:21

JUN-17       12:12:12

JUL-17        08:08:07

AUG-17       09:08:17

SEP-17       10:05:35


While creating a line plot(Mulitple line plot from group column), I have given task roles as 

Horizontal(Limit :1) as Month

Vertical(Limit :1) as Average Time

Group(Limit : 1) as Job Name


and given horizontal major tricks as 13 and ran the report.

But from the output , I could not able to see all the months under horizontal axis and also I could see a strange thing that 

the values are not properly aligned in the graph.(EgSmiley Happy For horizontal axis(Dec-16), it showing Jan - 17 values (i.e 10:21:54). But when I move the cursor in the pointed value of line plot, its showing proper value as a pop - up..


I think, the issue is with horizontal axis displayed in the line plot.


Note : Month is a derived column from the date value and I have used intx function to retrieve that.  Im using SAS EG V4.1.


Please help me to resolve the issue. Thnaks in advance.

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Re: Issue in Line Plot Graph - Horizontal axis

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I tried to replicate it, and it worked perfectly for me. So, a couple of questions:


Is your "Month" value a SAS date value? I used a date value.


I didn't specity anything for the horizontal axis; I just moved the variable names to the horizontal and vertical roles, and let 'er rip.





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Re: Issue in Line Plot Graph - Horizontal axis

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Show the code for "deriving" your month value. I can see several ways that could be done such that you duplicate the values.

Also showing the actual code for the graph might help.

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Re: Issue in Line Plot Graph - Horizontal axis

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Thanks for the response.


I have found out the solution for this. 


Under Horizontal major ticks , I have given "Specify"  as '01SEP16'd to '01SEP17'd by Month and the horizontal month (values) have rotated to 90 degree.


Now the 13 months values gets fitted into the graph and displayed proper graph.



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