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Is it possible to stop scheduled, running EG projects

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Is it possible to stop scheduled, running EG projects

I am going to post 2 different threads with related questions that may have a single answer, though I am hoping there are separate solutions for each. The other one is here:

I have looked at the vbscript file that EG creates when I schedule a project from EG through the Windows Scheduler (EG 4.3, Windows XP though I am moving to Windows 7 soon and can test on it now if that matters). I cannot tell exactly why/how EG runs in the background.

Is it possible (as a user, and if not, then as an administrator which I am not but would still like to know) to stop a currently running project as if hitting the 'stop' button within EG (or the 'End SAS session'). I would want to prevent it from sending out emails that are batch-sent at the end via Distribute tasks, for example if I knew that the data was wrong and I needed to manually step in and do something before re-running.

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