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Is it possible to save or open a process flow of a scheduled project

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Is it possible to save or open a process flow of a scheduled project

I am going to post 2 different threads with related questions that may have a single answer, though I am hoping there are separate solutions for each. The other one is here:

I have looked at the vbscript file that EG creates when I schedule a project from EG through the Windows Scheduler (EG 4.3, Windows XP though I am moving to Windows 7 soon and can test on it now if that matters). I cannot tell exactly why/how EG runs in the background.

What I mean by my question is that I would like, in the absence of having the scheduled project open where I can see it while it runs (which I assume isn't possible), is to be able to open it with all of the pieces of the process flow available to view. I know that I could copy datasets to a permanent library, so I'm not looking for a programmatic solution to save datasets. We have some projects that have been created with almost 100% EG tasks, not programming. There are both outputs we might like to view and tasks we might like to step in and edit. Regarding the latter, if we want to open a 'filter and sort' and change a parameter in the filter, it would not allow us to do so. Perhaps it is possible if we copy the data sets and then copy them back? But this would be somewhat time-consuming. I also want to ensure that the process flows, some of which get horribly mangled anytime there is an error, retain all of the manual and auto linking while we would step in to tasks.

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