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Insufficent Authorization for network share on Windows

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Insufficent Authorization for network share on Windows

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Hi All - I am getting Insufficent Authorization error when I try to access the files from SAS Enterprise Guide. I have full permissions to the files and they are located on file share. I am accessing the files from using UNC path. SAS is running on windows server.



Any suggestions?

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Re: Insufficent Authorization

If you are trying to access them from SAS code executed on the server - talk to your SAS server admin and potentially network admin to verify that this UNC is accessible from this server.

Also, there are metadata capabilities that can hinder user for issuing libname statements.

Can you show the whole message in it's context?

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Re: Insufficent Authorization

You might require to request your SAS admins to put the server as Trusted for delegation and/or register the SAS process/Server on the SPN list: see Registering SPNs at

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Re: Insufficent Authorization

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Thanks  . I dont think we are using IWA. Is the setting required for Non IWA as well? we use Active directory credentails to login to the server from SAS EG.

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Re: Insufficent Authorization

Yes, Trusted for Delegation is still needed, even if not using IWA.  This allows your "auth" to be forwarded to another network resource such as a UNC path or a network printer.  The topic here addresses just IWA, but I believe it applies for any case where your Windows or AD credentials are used to access the server.

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