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Installation error

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Installation error

Hi every one

I am trying to install SAS Enterprise Guide 4.1.1 , but It says that the system does not meet the minimum requirements for EG .

Then an error message:
"Unexpected error encountered performing this action."
Error code: -5015

Note: I tried to install it with win XP SP2 &SP3.

Can any one help me ??
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Re: Installation error

EGuide 4.1 (at least from my SAS support person here) comes on two CDs. One has EGuide on it and the other has the System Qualifications Wizard. The first time I got it, they didn't ship the Systems Qualifications Wizard CD.

So, if you didn't run the system qualifications tool, do so. If you did and are still getting the error, call Tech Support.
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Re: Installation error

Thank you Doc@Duke

I fixed the problem ... the minimum requirement is 1.1

& I can find it in the CD .... in folder "client28cd" .

Thanks a lot.
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