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Installation Queries

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Installation Queries


I am fairly new to SAS platform and I need to install SAS for development purpose in my organization. Below mentioned SAS components need to be installed.

SAS Metadata Server
SAS Enterprise BI Server
SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server
SAS Intelligence Storage

We have server with 4 GB RAM, 140 GB HD, 2 CPU. Kindly let me know if the above mentioned order is correct for installation on server?

After installing the above mentioned components on the server; do I need to create a separate image or users can directly use server to run SAS?

Also SAS mentions for End users two types installation possible client or personal install. Initially we will be using it mainly for development purpose with users limiting to 10-15. In this case should we go for client or personal type?

~ Amit
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Re: Installation Queries

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Hi, Amit:
It was my understanding that you (or somebody at your company) would have worked out some of these server specifications in a plan that was configured just for your installation. There is a whole series of installation and configuration steps that you have to go through to get the BI Platform configured correctly. I suggest you contact Tech Support for help, as this question is complicated and the answer has to be very specifically geared to your license and installation plan. And, although you would install EG and use it in the BI platform, your question is more about installing the entire platform than about installing EG.

To contact Tech Support, go to:
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