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Information Maps in SAS EG

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Information Maps in SAS EG

When I import an Information Map (without any filter) in SAS EG it keeps running forever and never gets done..............Why is that ...............
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Re: Information Maps in SAS EG

This sounds like a question for SAS technical support - it might be specific to your information map.

Is the data in the map very large?

Is the data defined in terms of the SAS server you are using to access it? That is, can your SAS session access it directly or must it connect to another, remote session?

These questions can be tricky to answer unless you are very familiar with how the information map is defined.

SAS Enterprise Guide generates a SAS program to read data from the map, using the information maps library engine (INFOMAPS, or sasioime in the code you see). Can you run that code successfully?

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