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Information Map Filter Problem Last Month

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Information Map Filter Problem Last Month


Is there a solution to the bug mentioned in link below.

I want to create a filter to fetch a set of records for the Last Month. The field to which I apply is a date and I run the report on 4th of a Month. Problem is that it does not show the records of 31st of the previous month the current month being September.

What is the best way to get the sub set of records.
Is it to create an additional Month dataitem derived from date column and then use Month equals last month or use a lengthy date expression

Do u have any ready made expresion
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Re: Information Map Filter Problem Last Month

If there is a solution or workaround for the issue menioned in the Tech Support note, you would find that out from Tech Support. Since filters are defined using Information Map Studio, the solution would probably not be a single expression -- it would be something you would have to define in Information Map Studio. If you were using a stored process to populate the Information Map with data, then Tech Support could help you with the appropriate code for the stored process.

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