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Info on JMP?

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Info on JMP?

Hi Everyone!

I have a client in Ft. Worth, TX with some SAS contract openings and one requires JMP. Can someone please provide me with insight as to what functionality or purpose JMP serves in conjunction with SAS?

Thanks so much!
Dawn Dizney
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Re: Info on JMP?

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JMP is a separate product from a business division of SAS, that can read SAS datasets and other types of data files to perform analysis:

JMP is used in these areas: Business Visualization; Design Of Experiments (DOE); Discovery; Innovation; Quality;Visual Six Sigma, as described here: and

JMP can be used as a stand-alone product, or in conjunction with SAS, as described here:

I have seen companies where the statisticians or data folks use JMP for data exploration and visualization and then have the programmers produce reports on the data using SAS programming language, once they find out which combination or clusters of variables they are interested in. On the other hand, some folks just keep all their analysis inside JMP. Your client will have to fill you in on whether the job requires ONLY JMP experience or JMP and SAS experience.

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