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In EG, but using surveyselect

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In EG, but using surveyselect

Okay folks, I am in EG and at the end of my process I do a complex stratified sample survey using surveyselect. Things are looking good but now I need to post some tables that show the population size and the sample size and a couple of sample parameters. Surveyselect only gives me limited table info.

(I admit I don't even know if I am in the correct discussion forum).

Where should I go for more information?

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Re: In EG, but using surveyselect

There are a whole bunch of "SURVEY..." procedures as described here:

And it further describes the process in this quote:

Traditional SAS® procedures, such as the MEANS procedure and the GLM procedure, compute statistics under the assumption that the sample is drawn from an infinite population by simple random sampling. These procedures generally do not correctly estimate the variance of an estimator if they are applied to a sample drawn by a complex sample design. SAS users have requested procedures that analyze data from complex sample surveys. In response to this request, SAS/STAT® software now provides the SURVEYFREQ, SURVEYLOGISTIC, SURVEYMEANS, SURVEYPHREG, SURVEYREG, and SURVEYSELECT procedures.

To select probability-based random samples from a study population, you can use the SURVEYSELECT procedure, which provides a variety of methods for probability sampling. To analyze sample survey data, you can use the SURVEYFREQ, SURVEYLOGISTIC, SURVEYMEANS, SURVEYPHREG, and SURVEYREG procedures, which incorporate the sample design into the analyses. These procedures can be used for multistage designs or for single-stage designs, with or without stratification, and with or without unequal weighting.

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Re: In EG, but using surveyselect

David Cassell has several conference papers on the topic of using SURVEY* procedures for this sort of thing.

Here's one:

And another:

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Re: In EG, but using surveyselect

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