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Importing error

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Importing error

Hey. I am using Sharepoint, or MOSS, and I have a form libary full of data. I am compiling that data, through Shareopint, into an Excel spreadsheet. Then, I am attempting to import that Excel spreadsheet to EG to create an automated process out of it.

The .xls file is stored on Sharepoint, meaning it's on a network mapped drive/My Network Place. Whenever I go to import it, I get the error "CopyToServerIfNeededCompleted Exception". I press ok.

Then, I get:
The Import Data Task cannot copy this file to the server, and therefore, cannot continue. Make sure you are able to connect to your default server. Reason: "Maximum line length exceeded. Line #1 contains 32767 characters."

But, the reality is that the Excel data is not THAT big...could it be that my Sharepoint server is using some encryption that makes the data too big for SAS?
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Re: Importing error

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I haven't tried importing an Excel file from Sharepoint before (though we do use sharepoint a little in my group). Here are a few general thoughts:

To give you a little background, when you import from Excel, what actually happens is that EG creates a text file in a temporary directory on the SAS server and then generates some DATA step code to read that text file. Based on the message you're seeing, my guess is that the part where EG creates the text file is going awry.

One thing you might try is to do a Save-As from Excel and save the data as a CSV file. See if EG can read the CSV file that's stored on Sharepoint. Otherwise, I think you may need to contact SAS Tech Support. Because the creation of the text file is a background process for EG, there aren't many things you can tweak to change that behavior.

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