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Importing Excel files in 4.3 (was SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 related)

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Importing Excel files in 4.3 (was SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 related)

Hi,More than a reply, its a querry. I am new user of SAS Enterprises 4.3. I found that its is more convenient in importing .xlsx file as compared to SAS 9.1. However the problem is that when I try to use SAS data set created by SAS Enterprises 4.3 in SAS 9.1, some error is coming "The value Comapany name is not recognized". Does anyone can help in this. As I have lots of .xlsx file. I know I can always convert it in csv file and then import it in SAS 9.1.
Thanks in advance.
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Re: SAS Enterprise Guide 4.3 related


I think what's happening is that the output data contains one or more columns with a space in the column name: "Company name", for example.

In Enterprise Guide 4.2 and 4.3, check the box on the Import Data task that says "Rename columns to comply with traditional SAS naming conventions". That's the easiest fix.

You could also elect to retain the name with the space, and use OPTIONS VALIDVARNAME=ANY in SAS to read the data, but that is less convenient when you want to write programs that reference the data column.

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