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Import wizard headings issue

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Import wizard headings issue

I have a text file that is tab delimited that i want to import. When I use File - Import I follow the steps as i normally would to import a file. I selected that the first row contains the column headings (which it does) and select delimited and tab. when I go to the column options tab, it names the first column "ÿþl" and all of the following columns "NoName". This is definitely not correct, so hopefully someone can help me fix this.

Other things to know:
-If i don't select the first row as the column headers, the file imports just fine
-the data was exported from SQL server (not sure if that's relavent or not)

I also realize that I can just manually name the columns, but this particular file contains 68 columns, so it's quite annoying to do that, but also, i'd rather just fix the problem.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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