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Import generated code keeps changing(Infile path)

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Import generated code keeps changing(Infile path)

I have imported a few excel files in various projects. I now have attempted to combine all my imports into one project but they are no longer running. The following error comes up , "ERROR: Physical file does not exist, /udd007/saswork/SAS_workDBE800005A4F_psasapr1l/#LN00012."

I did not write the import code. It was generatedd when I imported the files using the interface(file---Import)

Every time I run it out of its original project I get this eerror but it runs fine off its original project.

Is there anyway of fixing this quickly without having to re import all my files again into the new project?

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Re: Import generated code keeps changing(Infile path)

That filename you are mentioning  is form a Unix system (alikes like Linux)  where:
- /udd007 is some odd naming  below is that is /saswork  then you get you temporary files that get deleted. That is nature of temp-files

You used the click click approach of file import.  That one is:

   1/  reading the file by Eguide on Windows.

   2/ converting the data in a SAS-datastep code approach (text based)

   3/ uploading that code with data to the Unix-server  in a temp location

   4/ running that sas-code from the temp location so you can get a sas-dataset

Do not be surprised that temp location is lost and you cannot rerun the upload. It will never be able to run as server-only process

It is even worse as that generated import code is using your personal settings and unc names at Windows. So may be that code in Eguide cannot be rerun by another person.

The only by-pass / solution is an approach not being dependent of those constraints with Eguide.

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Re: Import generated code keeps changing(Infile path)

got it!

thank you Jaap

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