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Import csv encoding problem

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Import csv encoding problem

Hi everybody! I'm using EG 6.1

I have the following problem with csv import: In CSV file some columns contain russian text. When I choose english language in EG properties, the import process is OK but the output looks like in the picture:problem.PNG

When I choose russian language in EG properties, the import is not processed and i get the following error:


How can I get the correct data? I've tried lots of ways that I've found in google and on this Forum but nothing was helpful(

Thanks in advance!!!

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Re: Import csv encoding problem

You're get this error when the text in the file contains characters that cannot be mapped to the SAS session encoding.  Your SAS session might be running in wlatin or latin1 -- or some other encoding that cannot handle the mix of characters.


The best approach is to run SAS with ENCODING of UTF8.  To do that, the SAS command would need to change to reference the ../nls/u8/sasv9.cfg file as the configuration.  In a centralized SAS environment, you'll have to coordinate that with a SAS administrator and potentially any colleagues who use the same SAS environment.  But if national characters are a common requirement, that's the proper thing to do.


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Re: Import csv encoding problem

Another way is changing encoding of CSV file before importing it :

filename x 'c:\temp\x.csv' encoding='utf-8';
proc import ..............

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