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Import Task Questions

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Import Task Questions

I have 2 queations regarding import task.

1. I created an import task to import a data file. I have another similar file I need to import. How can I copy and use the same task with a different data source (file) in the project designer? Whenver I copy and paste the task it is associating itself with the original data source

2. I moved the project to a new metadata server. When I tried to run the import taks it is still being associated with the old server. I am not even able to open the task since it says invalid server. I have changed the server on the EG options menu and able to run code on the new server. I am not able to figure out a way to associate the import task with the new server. Any suggestions?


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Re: Import Task Questions

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Have you tried the Tools->Replace Server feature? You can use that to replace all references of one server with another.

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