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Import Excel file in Enterprise Guide 4.1

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Import Excel file in Enterprise Guide 4.1

Hi to all,
I try to import the file excel in Enterprise Guide.
In the same column I have a alphanumeric String(ABCF7453) or a number(3746). When I try to import this column i obtain only the alphanumeric(ABCF7453) string and I lost the number (3746);

Is possible to resolve this problem?

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Re: Import Excel file in Enterprise Guide 4.1


I'm surprised at that. I would expect SAS to bring in the entire column as text rather than change the numbers into NULLs.

A thought for resolution: Export from Excel into .CSV and read from there. It's a bit more tedious, but you have more control.

Better yet, but it may take longer, upgrade to EG 4.3. Chris's team has really done a lot of work to make the Excel imports work better in 4.3.

A long shot on the cause: Your numbers are not really numbers. In Excel, if you type a leading blank in front of a number, it then treats it like a character field. If there are enough leading blanks, then the "number" is wider than the SAS text string was guessed to be and all you got were the leading blanks.

Doc Muhlbaier
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