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Import Data versus Open Data

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Import Data versus Open Data

Is there any difference whether I use File>Import Data and File>Open>Data from a the same Excel file?
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Re: Import Data versus Open Data

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Import data (and the create a SAS dataset option under File>Open>data) create a SAS dataset from the excel sheet. To re-import, you have to re-run the task.

file>open>data also allows you to open the excel file "in place" so changes to the excel file appear immediately to the project.

IMHO, import data allows a little more flexibility at the expense of immediacy.

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Re: Import Data versus Open Data

I agree, and I have a number of memories of batches and projects failing because one piece of software locked something required by another.

Excel was a particular issue, but then often the Excel objects were not created for the SAS process but used as an input. It would be unkind to blame Excel for blocking something it wasn't designed to do.

Import will allow the data to be taken (and the import to be bypassed in some project updates if required), whereas Open will require that a file lock can be obtained every time the project is opened.

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