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ITConfig Metadata Repository

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ITConfig Metadata Repository

I reinstalled a newer version of SAS Foundation to a different directory. Then when I start EG, it gives me error when I set "Repository" as "ITConfig Metadata Repository". The error says:

"Could not connect to the ITConfig Metadata Repository repository. This repository could be temporarily unavailable or the repository definition could be incorrect. Select Manage... to verify the repository information.

Could not establish a connection to the SAS server on the requested machine. Verify that the SAS server has been started with the -objectserver option or that the SAS spawner has been started. Verify that the port Combridge is attempting to connect to is the same as the port SAS (or the spawner) is listening on."

I can use the "Repository" as "Local". Then everything is working. Also I can find SAS.bat but can not find objspawn.bat or metadataserver.bat anymore.

Do I have to reinstall EG? Thanks!
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Re: ITConfig Metadata Repository

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This is really a question for Tech Support or for the folks at your site who are responsible for starting and stopping the various servers/services. It could be that somebody stopped the metadata repository and didn't start it again or that they did not use the right options to start the metadata repository or that the metadata repository port number has changed.

Debugging a problem like this gets to pretty specific information about your particular configuration and installation setup.

To find out how to contact Tech Support, refer to:

Good luck,
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