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Huge text and small icons in EG

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Huge text and small icons in EG

Hello, I'm using EG 6.1 on Windows 10 and I have a display problem: The text in the program editor is huge while the icons are really small. The issue seems to be related to my display options: Due to my high screen resolution I use the option to scale the screen elements up to 200%. That's the amount the editor window is to big. If I turn that option off the editor window has a pleasant size (but everything else is far too small of course). On the other hand the icons are not scaled at all. The keep the same size no matter what zoom factor I choose in the Windows options. Like this EG is hardly usable for me. Any suggestions?

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Re: Huge text and small icons in EG

Hi @papertrail,


We are aware of this issue, where high DPI settings (greater than 100%) over-scale the program editor.  We plan to fix it in a future release.  For now, to workaround this issue, we suggest going to Program->Editor Options...->Appearance tab, and setting the Size to a smaller, more reasonable size.


Note: You'll have to set it separately for both File type: SAS Program File, SAS Log File, etc. to update both code, log, etc.



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