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How to view newly added libraries in Enterprise Guide?

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How to view newly added libraries in Enterprise Guide?

HI, I am new to SAS and just finished install.

I added a few libraries through SAS/Access ODBC in Base SAS and I can access the external Oracle tables just fine. However, when I bring up EG and expand local libraries the added libraries are not there. How can I see and access the added libraries?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: How to view newly added libraries in Enterprise Guide?

How did you add these libraries? In the Metadata using SMC?
Or did you just run a piece of code in your PC SAS session?

SAS EG creates its own session on the server (also on the local one).
You either have to run the libname statements from within your EG session or define them as Metadata or you add the libname statements to the autoexec (best the one which will be picked up by all servers).

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Re: How to view newly added libraries in Enterprise Guide?

I take it SMC is SAS Management Console? I will be a business user but I have to assume the responsibility of an IT administrator due to the lack of resources.

I looked up SMC on their website, it says it manages library and server definitions, and metadata repositories. I opened up SMC but not sure how to add libraries from an external Oracle database.

Our data access engine is SAS/Access ODBC, what I did in Base SAS was I went to "Tools" and "New Library", and added a few libraries through SAS ODBC connecting to external Oracle databases defined under Windows ODBC Administrator on my local machine. The result is whenever I launch a new session the added libraries are always there and I can access all the tables in them.

From your response it seems this change will not be carried over to EG, and we need to use SMC or run codes in EG to accomplish what I did in Base SAS. Can you show me both ways? Where do you run the libname statement in EG and would it be similar to the syntax below? I need the added the libraries to stick whenever I launch new sessions or projects. Thanks for your help!

-- libname databasename odbc dsn=xxx
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Re: How to view newly added libraries in Enterprise Guide?

The good news is that there are a lot of ways to add a library in EG. The bad news is that there are a lot of ways to add a library in EG. Smiley Happy First question: are you running EG local only (shows something like "No connection" in the bottom right of the screen) or with a Metadata server behind the scenes (shows some sort of connection info at the bottom right). Second question: what version of EG are you using? 4.1? 4.2?

If you have EG 4.2, an easy solution to get the libraries you want would be to include the code for the LIBNAME statement under Tools / Options / SAS Programs / Submit SAS code when server is connected. You can put your libname statements in there, no muss, no fuss. You could also use the SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer to define a library (Tools / SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer). I'd explain more of how to do that, but it varies a lot depending on whether SAS is local or server based and what version of EG you're running.

SAS Management Console is another good way to define libraries for use if you're running in an environment with a metadata server. FYI, just because you have SMC installed doesn't mean you have a metadata server installed and configured.

Hope this helps initially... write back with more info. If needed, feel free to contact SAS Tech Support if you want a more immeadiate response: Unlimited tech support is provided with you SAS license, though I'll warn you they're operating with a limited staff from noon (EST) on December 24 until January 4. Not that you want to take time our of your holiday vacation to set up your EG libraries!
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