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How to share projects

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How to share projects

Looking for feedback on how folks share projects among users.

We have a production project we run that different people may run parts of each month.  For example, as different source data systems are ready (nursing data and mortality data) or for different outputs (graphs v tables).  Right now since only one person can be in a project, we have to wait and IM/email each other when the project is not in use.  We can sometimes get around this if the code is stored in a .sas outside the project, but sometimes we need some other shared parts of the project.

Any thoughts?

We are just now getting to setting up stored processes.  Once we get that up an the project parameterized (is that a word?), will that help resolve this issue?

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Re: How to share projects

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If you have MS Sharepoint at hand, I would suggest to use that. In MS Sharepoint you can check out/in your project.

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