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How to setup logical-links to make EG happy.

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How to setup logical-links to make EG happy.

I don't understand how to get EG to deal with logical links.

In EG, I can open  *.sas7bdat files aok in the Server-List, but not from an EG program.



libname perm  '/mktg';

NOTE: Libref PERM was successfully assigned as follows:

      Engine:        V9

      Physical Name: /mktg

In ksh:    ls -las /

4 drwxr-xr-x 111 root     root        2048 Apr 26 13:52 mktg


libname perm '/app';

NOTE: Library PERM does not exist.

In ksh:  ls -las /

   0 lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     root           9 Nov 10  2006 app -> /mktg/app

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Re: How to setup logical-links to make EG happy.

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this may be as simple as specifying the full directory,

libname perm '/mktg/apps';

although usually pseudonyms are not a problem in *nix.

Another question is what is meant by "from an EG program".  SAS programs within the EG environment are are submitted to a SAS server for execution.  You may have it configured to send the program to your local SAS server (on the PC) rather than to the one on *nix.  [SAS doesn't care which direction the slashes are, so it won't complain about the syntax.]  Check to see where the program is trying to execute.

Doc Muhlbaier


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Re: How to setup logical-links to make EG happy.

In EG, I have two servers in the bottom left screen.


+ A

+ B

Server-B is the one I want.

It always uses A.

Q: How do I make it use B?

( think thats the problem, not logical links...)

thanks for helping


oh I see it now. In the top right, above the PROGRAM, I select the SERVER.

Then it finds my directory (which is on server B and not on A).


I guess a better question is:

How are those servers related to directories? The only difference I see is the hostname. ( I am asking our IT guy...)

serverA      a.b.c.d

serverB      e.b.c.d

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