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How to send Larger files to sas

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How to send Larger files to sas

Hi friends

Trying to send very larger file up to 5GB file to sas and somehow I zipped it to 500 MB,but still not able send it to them.

Tried to ftp with below steps given in sas from windows command prompt,but its not working throwing an error.

   prompt> ftp
   Name: anonymous
   Password: [blank]
   prompt> cd /techsup/upload
   prompt> bin
   prompt> put filename
   prompt> bye (From the z/OS> prompt, the command is "quit") 

below is the message prompted when I tried from command prompt.

Unknown host

I would really appreciate if any one can advice how to send

Thanks in advance

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Re: How to send Larger files to sas

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I got to fine.  I suspect that you need to talk to your local tech support; it may well be with how your company has configured your PC.

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Re: How to send Larger files to sas

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The message unknown host means that your computer (I guess mainframe since you mention z/OS) does not recognise the computer host name I suggest you talk to your IT network folks and explain what you are trying to do. There could well be firewalls in your network stopping you communicating with SAS FTP.

BTW I tried pinging FTP.SAS.COM from my PC and it resolved OK to the IP address

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