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How to search SAS Enterprise Guide files

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How to search SAS Enterprise Guide files

EG Community,

I've created an updated version of the "EGP Search Tool", which allows you to search the contents of your EGP files on your local file system.  Read about it here:

How to search your SAS Enterprise Guide projects (2013 version) - The SAS Dummy

This version is an improvement (I hope!) over the one I released last year as an automation example.  The new version supports searching subfolders, and includes a version for EG 5.1 as well as 4.3.

Give it a try and let me know what you think -- post back here or (better) add comments to the blog post.



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Re: How to search SAS Enterprise Guide files

This tool is very useful!

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Re: How to search SAS Enterprise Guide files

Hi Chris,

Thank you for this tool!  It is a time (life) saver.

I am curious why there is not a feature to search an EG project from within EG?  Not across projects, but within a single project.  Edit>>Find works well within a single object, but EG projects are often multiple objects in multiple process flows.  It would be nice to have an "entire process flow FIND" or even an "entire EG project FIND".  Does this exist, or do you know if they are working on this?

Shaun L.

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Re: How to search SAS Enterprise Guide files


Thanks for the comments.  Yes, the dev team is working on this, and targeting for the next release of EG later this year.  I think for the initial feature, it will be a search just within the active project...just as you describe.

Look for more details in the coming months.


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