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How to restrict SAS execution to specific LPAR's ?

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How to restrict SAS execution to specific LPAR's ?

The answer is apparently not SETINIT.
Is USEREXIT1 the way to do it ?
If so - has anybody got a piece of code for this ?

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Re: How to restrict SAS execution to specific LPAR's ?

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Yes, there is. With the term used, LPAR, you mean IBM mainframe (z/OS MVS) system, possibly TSO (interactive) or a batch job, as it goes.

There is a software product called ThruPut Manager that provides this capability, directing batch jobs based on flexible user-defined criteria. Another similar product is called OS/EM.

Native with z/OS and WLM, you can implement SCHDENV, or you can require a user code a /*JOBPARM with SYSAFF= to direct the batch job to an appropriate LPAR.

Lastly, one technical prevention mechanism to disallow execution on any non-authorized LPAR, you can have your SAS admin only define the SAS datasets in the master catalog for the LPAR where SAS is authorized. If a job is accidentally started on an unauthorized LPAR, the job will get a JCL ERROR because the SAS system libraries are not found.

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.
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