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How to open an Enterprise guide data set in Enterprise Miner

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How to open an Enterprise guide data set in Enterprise Miner


I am having trouble opening an Enterprise guide data set in Enterprise Miner. I am a student and the professor posted a document for Miner that my computer only read it in Enterprise Guide. For all the other students it downloaded in Miner. I right clicked the document, enter properties, and change the location to open with Enterprise Miner. After doing that, I opened it and it opened with Miner but it simply opens the menu page, I am not actually being able to see the dataset. I need help setting this new project in miner. Thank you for your help. My Miner is 14.1.




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Re: How to open an Enterprise guide data set in Enterprise Miner

Hi jkarduss,


You are probably seeing the data open up in SAS Enterprise Guide because that is the default tool to open and view SAS datasets. When when you double-click the dataset from your professor, it will automatically open in Enterprise Guide. (Note that these datasets are all SAS datasets. There is no such thing as "Enterprise Guide" dataset. Enterprise Guide is simply a tool you can use to view these SAS datasets. Smiley Happy )



Trying to open this SAS dataset in Enterprise Miner will not work the way you are expecting. Enterprise Miner is not designed to open a dataset for viewing the same way that Enterprise Guide is, and you can't simply "open" a SAS dataset in Enterprise Miner. Enterprise Miner creates projects that utilize these SAS datasets to do data mining and analytics. The menu page you are seeing when Enterprise Miner opens allows you to create a new project or open an existing one.


To use SAS datasets in Enterprise Miner:

  1.  First, you have to create a project.
  2.  Inside that project, create a libname that points to where your data is located (if Enterprise Miner is on your local machine you can point to the data there, otherwise you'll need to talk to your professor or fellow students to figure out where the data is located on the server).
  3.  Then, you are able to create what is called in Enterprise Miner terms a "Data Source" which is a reference to that SAS dataset.
  4.  After the data source is defined in Enterprise Miner, you can explore it. This is similar to what you see when you open the data in Enterprise Guide but because Enterprise Miner is designed for very large datasets, you will only be exploring a subset of the data. 
  5. After all that, data source is created and you explored it a bit, you can then you can drag that data into a diagram and start doing some analytics!


I hope this cleared things up a bit!


Jess Mayo

SAS Technical Support

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