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How to let other people run a query on my tables?

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How to let other people run a query on my tables?

Hello guys,

as a non IT-professional, I have a question which might sound rather stupid to all the experts here, but I hope you can help me.

In my part time job I have been building up a relational database about German hospitals with SAS EG.

There is a lot of information in it, such as contact details, staff, number of patients etc.

My goal is to make all the information available for every worker at my institute.

Here is an example:

Somebody wants to find all hospitals which have > 500 beds and print their addresses and telephone numbers.

Right now, he would ask me about it, and I would fire up SAS, run my Process flow to create the tables (in my local WORK library), then run the sql-query on my database and give him the results.

This is how i would like it to be:

I run my Project once, and save all the tables on our server (not WORK.). I predefine queries with parameters (such as "how many beds does the hospital have?" ...), so people who don't know how SQL works can get the information.

I think the solution to this is stored processes, BUT

if i want to create one (in EG: New --> Stored Process), the "Stored Process"-button is greyed out! My SAS is not letting me create stored processes!

I have not been able to find any information on the web about this behaviour, but I suspect there is some SAS-program required for stored processes to work, which is not installed on my PC.

Here are my questions: Is this the right way to let other pull information out of my database?

If yes, how can I create stored processes with my SAS copy? (I have uploaded a list of my installed products)

Thank you in advance, and please pardon my bad Englisch

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Re: How to let other people run a query on my tables?

I suspect that you don't connect to a SAS Workplace server or Stored process server, eg. your EG is strictly running on your local machine, only connects to your local Base SAS. If that is the case, then No, you can't create a stored process.

You may still try to share your saved project though, if all of your source data are shared within the network.


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Re: How to let other people run a query on my tables?

I see from your license that you have Integration Technologies licensed, which I think will make able to use Stored Process. But, how to deploy them from your EG session with this setup, I don't know...

I suggest that you talk to SAS tech support and/or sales representative to validate your requirements.

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Re: How to let other people run a query on my tables?

Is SAS installed on your server or your desktop?

If your desktop then you can't create a stored process. However you can set up an EG project with prompts that a user can select and you can create a basic reporting system this way.

It depends on what UX your users will have access to.

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