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How to do this report in EG?

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How to do this report in EG?

I'm skilled in SAS but new to EG. I have a dataset with columns mailed and responses, both numeric counts, along with several categorical variables. I can get the Summary Tables task to list the appropriate totals, but I really need to generate the implied rates (responses/mailed*100).

I can create a rate column, but can't figure out how to generate rates for subtotals and totals. Down the road, I'd like to compare rates for different combinations of categorical values (control vs. test).

As far as I can tell, Summary Tables can't get me any further than this. I know I could use Proc Report and just put the code into a code window, but there must be a better way of storing/documenting/reusing this analysis. Is there a different task I should be using, or some technique that would help?

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