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How to decrease code

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How to decrease code


i have a code I should the records which has only those vendors names but I have 30 vendor names and I don't want to type all those vendor names so is there any way . keeping all those 30 vendor names in excel and can call it using macro . Any  idea ?? Pls help

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Re: How to decrease code

Can you provide more details about what you want to do? What should the code do? What output should the code have?

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Re: How to decrease code

You can import the excel file and write it out to a sas dataset that you can call on, you can write the 30 names into a proc format.  I'm sure there are other options but without more details it's hard to help.

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Re: How to decrease code

Import the list of vendors into SAS.

Create a proper cntlin file for proc format that assigns the value 1 to all vendors, and attach a line for "other" that assigns 0,

Aplly that format in a data step and keep only the records where the formatted value is 1.

If you're not yet firm with all these procedures/steps, copy/paste the list into the EG code window and reformat it manually so that it can be used in an "in" condition.

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Re: How to decrease code


proc import datafile="xyz.xlsx" out=temp;


proc sql;

     create table WANT as

     select      *

     from         HAVE

     where     VENDOR in (select distinct COL1 from TEMP);


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