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How to create my library using 'lib' command in EG5.1?

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How to create my library using 'lib' command in EG5.1?

How to create my library using 'lib' command in EG5.1?

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Re: How to create my library using 'lib' command in EG5.1?

Create a program, enter the lib code, run the program

libname mylib 'path';

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Re: How to create my library using 'lib' command in EG5.1?

In SAS display manager, the LIB command shows the Libraries window, where you can review library assignments and define new ones.

In SAS Enterprise Guide, you can define a new library with Tools->Assign Project Library.  You can review existing libraries with Tools->SAS Enterprise Guide Explorer:


You cannot define a new library from that window though. 

And as Reeza said, you can always create a new program with File-->New->Program and define a library with the LIBNAME statement.  If the syntax is a simple path, that's easy.  If the library involves a database connection, you might prefer the Assign Library Task to lead you through it.


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Re: How to create my library using 'lib' command in EG5.1?

Some nasty pitfalls using these features as taks or code-node.

- Assiging a libname wiht a task does not let you change the appserver when you have chosen the wrong one.

  I would classify this missing options as a mistake needed to be fixed.

  This option is however available with a code-node.

- With a code-node you are expecting the definition is persistent in Eguide. This is however failing when you have activated parallel processing.

  Macros variables and datasets within the sas-work library are behaving in the same way (not showing up). The same applies for the autoexec project flow.

  When becoming aware what it is about parallel processing this limitation is obviously.

- At the Eguide properties (tools administration) you can define some code to be executed at start/close etc.

  All these have also some kind of behavior with support (the lacking of)    

- At the app-server context there are many files for the autoexec / config / script at startup of sas sessions "../config/lev-/<SASApp>".

  It is aimed for central support, but this is often not organized (the lacking of).     

- When grown up as a RDBMS DBA the answer will be it shoudl be done by an SAS-admin in the SAS metadata.

This sounds as a real not understandable mess of need for IT-support. Sorry but that is as getting the impression of that.

It leaves you to code it somewhere into your code. The most worst of all when you would going for good coding practices.

The above mentioned pitfalls are of a server-based environment. Using SAs-base local with Eguide on your desktop is different.

You did not mention your environment. I am seeing however the promotion and movement to server-based processing. 

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