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How to compare two EG projects

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How to compare two EG projects

Hi I am new to EG and need help from you guys. I appreciate even if the answer is close to the solution.


I have Two EG projects, where code looks same, but due to some reason the second EG project was changed.

I want to find out what is the difference between these two EG projects. It's tedious to go through each programming code to identify the change. Each project has 8 process tress.

Is there any comparison tool or short cut to compare the two Eg projects and find the change.




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Re: How to compare two EG projects

If these are just code nodes then the only solution would be to export the code and compare in a text comparison tool.

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Re: How to compare two EG projects

Your best option is to save the code to .sas files and use a text compare tool (eg UNIX diff) to find differences.

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