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How to compare datetime value (02JAN2007:00:00:00)

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How to compare datetime value (02JAN2007:00:00:00)

I m using a query
proc sql;
select count(*) into :mCount from AMDEXSTG.EX_AR1_ACCOUNT where CANDIDATE_FILE_EXTRACT_DATE = 02JAN2007:00:00:00;
but it is throwing the syntax error.Please for this query
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Re: How to compare datetime value (02JAN2007:00:00:00)

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When using SAS Dates you would write '02JAN2007'd and when using datetime try '02jan07:0:00:00'dt

Whether this will work also depends on what database "AMDEXSTG" is, and how you connect to it (ODBC or SAS/Connect) - it not always that a SAS datetime is translated properly when transformed to another database.
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