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How to Make a Link to Ingres Database on Remote Server

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How to Make a Link to Ingres Database on Remote Server

Hello there.
We have SAS9 sitting on a Solaris UNIX box and we access it through EGuide 4. We have the following products on this server.

Enterprise Miner Server Solution -Base SAS Software-
SAS Integration Technologies Software -SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC Software - SAS/GRAPH Software -
SAS/STAT Software

I need to make a link (odbc I presume) to Ingres database tables on a remote server (which has no SAS products installed.)

So far have read document TS-518C. This covers how to do it for a local Ingres DB. But it doesnt explain how to access a remote one very well. Should a vnode be set up on the SAS server to point to the remote database?
This seems to be the case according to the article at this link.

Any pointers on how to proceed ,relevant documentation etc?
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