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How edit import code from SAS EG?

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How edit import code from SAS EG?

I used the import function (File->Import Data)  in EG to import my data. It will generate the importing code. In the the code, it shows the infile path is my C drive even the file is not imported from C drive. Is there a way to edit the code? cz when i tried to edit the code it pops a message saying the code is read only. 


INFILE 'C:\Users\pe07645\AppData\Local\Temp\1\SEG11628\Program Survey Extract-69406f261ab647e6a290cede2a9a0447.txt'

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Re: How edit import code from SAS EG?

The import wizard in EG works in two steps:

  1. the external file is converted to a standardized internal text format and sent to the WORK location of the SAS process (or to temporary space on your desktop if the SAS process runs there and not on a remote server)
  2. code is created that reads this temporary file and executed by the SAS process

Code that is created automatically by EG for any task node cannot be edited in place; you need to copy/paste it to a new program node and edit it there. Note that in most cases you won't be able to apply the automatically created code on your original file without changes, as step 1 will be missing from the process.

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