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How do you make folder visible?

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How do you make folder visible?

Hi All,

In SAS Management Console under SAS Libraries you can see in available items, the shared folders.

In EG if you Open From SAS Servers you also see as a File token, the available shared folders.

Now, creating a new folder, giving it the same sharing permissions, including adding the SAS Server Users group, we can create a folder with all the same goodies as an existing folder that *can* be seen.

However, in MC or EG we cannot see the newly created folder. Do we have to register the new folder somewhere?
Or add some setting for the utilities and apps to see it as an available path?

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Re: How do you make folder visible?

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If you are talking about the Files location you see when you expand a server (SASMain, for example), and see Libraries and Files...

The Files location shows the file system of the SAS workspace server host. The starting location for that file navigation is controlled by the SAS server definition in SAS Management Console. There are instructions in this SAS Note for how to change that:

If you are talking about the "SAS Folders" that hold BI content such as Stored Processes and Information Maps, then you can control that view by using the BI Manager in SAS Management Console.

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Re: How do you make folder visible?

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So what content should be stored in the SAS Folders vs. the Files location? Why two locations? What is SAS's intentions on the use of those two storage areas?

We have 300 EG users who all access data and execute EG projects on a SAS server - no one has SAS installed locally. If we want them to store EG project on that SAS server, is there a best practice on where to store the .egp? If they want to Export SAS data files created in EG (through various transformations applied to some input data source), where might that data be stored? In most cases we want their data and projects to be seperate from other users'
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