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How do you arrange your EG windows?

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How do you arrange your EG windows?

What are the most popular ways of arranging your EG windows?

In either EG 3.1 or 4.1 I only ever have the process flow and workspace windows open.

I have the process flow on the left and the workspace on the right.

I have found that this seems to be the most popular with users. It maximises the vertical area available in each window (extra vertical space seems to be more popular than horizontal) - this is contrary to the default EG3.1 horizontal split.

The users I have seen typically don't use the task status window except in rare cases, nor the server/binder window and don't tend to have a fixed task list widow as it uses up too much real estate. In fact, after they have used EG for a while, they access tasks entirely from the menu.

These users are mainly analysts, rather than programmers.

What is the case in your organisation?
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Re: How do you arrange your EG windows?

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Processs flow open (top), project hidden, task push buttoned to the right, server list in small left sideed window, task status open (I use it).
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