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How do I schedule a project to run if I access EG via Citrix?

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How do I schedule a project to run if I access EG via Citrix?

We are trying to convert all of our old schedule report extracts from Access to SAS.  We currently have windows task scheduler open batch files that open specific access db's then run the job and export a file.  I recreated a job in SAS and am set up a schedule for it to run at a certain time, but nothing happens....Is it because we use SAS EG via Citrix and not the installed application?  If that is the case, Is there a way to do it when you get to EG via Citrix?

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Re: How do I schedule a project to run if I access EG via Citrix?

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I suspect the reason why it is not working is you must have an active Citrix session going for the scheduling within that session to work.

This is the same as scheduling a job on your PC but then having it switched off when the scheduled job is due to run. I'm not very familiar with Citrix, but there must be a way of scheduling a Citrix session to start and then automatically run a job. I would suggest you talk to your Citrix administrator to find out what you need to do.

Check this out to understand more how EG scheduling works:

An alternative would be to export your EG project to SAS code and then schedule this on your SAS server via SAS Management Console.  In my opinion this would be a more reliable solution anyway as any Citrix issues are then removed. We use this approach for all our SAS scheduling and it is very reliable.

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Re: How do I schedule a project to run if I access EG via Citrix?

Agree with SASkiwi, With Citrix you are having an emulated desktop. Emulating the real thing usually adds problems to the real thing. With a real desktop you should by policies not use the Windows scheduler.
Instead use it on the server-side where you SAS processes are run. With the SMC you are connecting to the SAS server and than define those server scheduling jobs. This should be configured at your SAS server-side.

The most advanced one is using LSF (full scheduler load balancing options.)  A more simple one would be using the host scheduler as that can be Windows (you known that one)  or Unix (cron as basic) but needing to have it opened up by your system admins.  System admins can be a blocking factor as being convinced they are the only ones getting access to scheduling.  

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