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How do I create an RSUBMIT button in SAS?

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How do I create an RSUBMIT button in SAS?

I use cisco VPN, SSH Secure Shell Client, and Putty.exe to connect to a secure computer that holds my data.  Someone had previously shown me how to create an RSUBMIT button in SAS that functions the same as the running-man SUBMIT button that is used to analyze data on the local computer. 

This is convenient if you frequently analyze remote data because you don't have to enclose all your code with RSUBMIT and ENDRSUBMIT commands and can write code normally as you would if the data were local. 

I can't seem to find a good guide online for how to do this and can't find any questions about it in the SAS forums.  Could someone either send me a link or describe how to do it?  I recently re-imaged my computer so my old settings are gone.  I don't remember it being too complicated of a process.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Re: How do I create an RSUBMIT button in SAS?

Doesn't really apply to Enterprise Guide.  Everything in Enterprise Guide is remote submitted. Smiley Happy

Is your server running UNIX? 

SAS(R) 9.2 Companion for UNIX Environments

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Re: How do I create an RSUBMIT button in SAS?

It can apply in SAS Enterprise Guide, as you can use your SAS Workspace (even a local instance) to RSUBMIT to another SAS running with SAS/CONNECT.

You can set it up to be "automatic" by adding some code statements in your Tools->Options settings ("pre" and "post" code).

There are a few papers on this, including this one:


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Re: How do I create an RSUBMIT button in SAS?

In your SAS interactive session, click "TOOLS" at the top, and then "Customize..."

Select the "Customize" tab.

Open a folder - add the new button to the toolbar where you want it - and then save.

You may need to make sure your session uses the new toolbar, but I can't remember if that is true.

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