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Highlighting outliers

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Highlighting outliers



I notice in my dataset that there appears to be a few outliers which in turn can throw out headline figures. They appear to be related to keying errors. 


What I would like to do is include in my datastep an if statment that will mark an outlier with a Y if it 3 times higher than the average level of turnover in that sector. 


It would be something simple like this;


data i;
set m;
if NET_OPERATING_INCOME_1*(3)>mean_operating_income then outlier='Y';run; 

However, what this does is actually just multiply the variable net_operating_income *3 whereas I just want SAS to mark the observation with a Y anytime a value in net_operating_income_1 is 3 times larger then mean_operating_income.


Any input would be most welcome.


KInd regards,



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Re: Highlighting outliers

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data i;
  set m;
  outlier=ifc(net_operating_income_1 > (mean_operating_income * 3),'Y','N');

You were nearly there - note I use the ifc function rather than if construct for brevity. 

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