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Hide library content

Hi everybody,

We are using SAS EG v3 ( and I would like to ask whether any of you could help me out.

Users are given access to data through SAS views which are in library A and are based on data in library B. What I would like to do is give users access to both libraries but WITHOUT the users having access to the actual tables in library B. However, when I assign library B the users can see the tables but if I don't assign the library the views do not work.

A work around that we have come up with is putting a password on the tables in library B. This will make that the users can see the tables, but can not access them.
But we believe that a possibility of assigning the library without displaying the content is a more elegant solution.

Can anyone help?
Kind regards,
Resa Drijsen
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Re: Hide library content

You can define your library with a

-SET myLibNam "path"

in the config file of your SAS server, instead of a LIBNAME statement in an AUTOEXEC or a definition with the Enterprise Guide Administrator / Management Console. The library should actually exist, but remain invisible to users.
However, they will be able to use its contents through programs, so maybe you should keep passwords on the datasets too.
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