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Hi-New Learner

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Hi-New Learner

Hi ,
I would like to learn SAS and my purpose of learning the same is to help me do data analysis. I have absolutely no idea about which topics should I start up with?
I do not know any computer language-- SQL, linux etc. however I can learn these if needed.

Can you please let me know how should I go about learning the basics of SAS

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Re: Hi-New Learner

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First, do you already have access to SAS through school or work? It is incredibly expensive to license for a single individual. Assuming the answer is "yes" ...

For analysis, stating with one of the Books By Users for SAS Enterprise Guide will go a long way to becoming productive. Either "SAS for Dummies" or "The little SAS book for Enterprise Guide 4.x" is a good start. Neither cover statistics, but both prepare one well for using the analysis tasks in EGuide.

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Re: Hi-New Learner

Hi Doc,

Thanks for the help.. Will start with one of the mentioned books..
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