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Heterogeneity issue slowing down my process flow

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Heterogeneity issue slowing down my process flow

I'm pulling in a report created by another user on a Virtual Machine in SAS 9.4/EG 7.1 where i'm using a desktop version.  He doesn't get the error message on his virtual machine while I get the following error-type message:



sales_rep for Local: SASUSER.CUSTOMER_SHIP_TO

"This query contains data from disparate data types, requiring a heterogeneous join.  This may negatively impact performance fo the query becuase of the need to transfer data to the SAS Workspace Server."


The data source in question comes from the same point through different data sets.  


Has anyone seen this issue before or know how I can rectify the error message to improve the performance? 


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Re: Heterogeneity issue slowing down my process flow

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Are you absolutely sure that they are pulling from the exact same sources?  Are you sure it's an error and not just a warning?  It sounds to me that you are joining tables from 2 different systems, which would mean your syntax is something like this:


libname mybase base 'C:\Base'; * remote data source #1 ;
libname myoracle oracle user=scott password=tiger path=oraclev11; * remote datasource #2;

proc fedsql;
   select mybase.products.prodid, mybase.products.product, myoracle.sales.totals 
      from mybase.products, myoracle.sales
      where products.prodid=sales.prodid;


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