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Help me!!! Problem when click "Query Builder"

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Help me!!! Problem when click "Query Builder"

Hi All

I'm use SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1 ( (32-bit) and found problem on click "Query Builder" appear error below

Problem report created: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 9:31:22 AM UTC

Application Error

SAS Enterprise Guide has encountered a problem

We recommend that you save your work and restart SAS Enterprise Guide.


Exception information


[Error] The launch of the server process failed because of an invalid or inaccessible SASUSER library.

-------------------------- Technical Information Follows --------------------------

Exception Details:


Exception type:  SAS.EG.SDS.SDSException

SAS Message:     [Error] The launch of the server process failed because of an invalid or inaccessible SASUSER library.

Raw Message:     <?xml version="1.0" ?><Exceptions><Exception><SASMessage severity="Error">The launch of the server process failed because of an invalid or inaccessible SASUSER library.</SASMessage></Exception></Exceptions>

Source:          SAS.EG.SDS.Model

Target Site:     SASWorkspace

Stack Trace:

   at SAS.EG.SDS.Model.Server.SASWorkspace()

   at SAS.EG.MainForm.OpenNewQuery(Query q, Boolean fromTemplate)

   at SAS.EG.MainForm.CreateQueryFromActiveData()

   at SAS.EG.MainForm.OnDataAdvancedQuery(Object sender, EventArgs e)

   at System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripItem.RaiseEvent(Object key, EventArgs e)

   at System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripButton.OnClick(EventArgs e)

   at System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripItem.HandleClick(EventArgs e)

   at System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripItem.HandleMouseUp(MouseEventArgs e)

   at System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripItem.FireEventInteractive(EventArgs e, ToolStripItemEventType met)

   at System.Windows.Forms.ToolStripItem.FireEvent(EventArgs e, ToolStripItemEventType met)

   at System.Windows.Forms.ToolStrip.OnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs mea)

   at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseUp(Message& m, MouseButtons button, Int32 clicks)

   at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)

   at System.Windows.Forms.ScrollableControl.WndProc(Message& m)

   at System.Windows.Forms.ToolStrip.WndProc(Message& m)

   at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)

   at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)

   at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

Please help me

Best Regards,

Attakorn Thongraya

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Re: Help me!!! Problem when click "Query Builder"

In the SAS startup options (usually in a SAS configuration file), the -SASUSER option must reference a valid location.  Check with your system administrator to make sure this location is what it should be.

Usually the SAS server process is configured with -RSASUSER, which makes the SASUSER library read-only.  Even so, the option must still point to a valid location.


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Re: Help me!!! Problem when click "Query Builder"

Posted in reply to ChrisHemedinger

Dear Chris,

Many Thank Chris,

Best Regards.

Attakorn Thongraya

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Re: Help me!!! Problem when click "Query Builder"

Hi Guys ,

I faced same issue last week while trying to login first time using EG 6.1 with 9.4 as server using LDAP mechanism ( domain\userid ).

What I saw was , I logged in to each SAS server using PUTTY once and then it said my home directory got created successfully on server. Once I did that I tried to login through EG and ERROR did not appear again.

As per my view , issue may be with SASUSER library , SASUSER library may be pointing to your home directory on server , but as you never logged in to system your home directory never got created and SASUSER was pointing to "unexist home directory". And so it was throwing error.

Another link I came across is ""

Let me know your thinking around this.



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