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Graphics in EG

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Graphics in EG

I have experienced EG changing the format (colors, etc.) of graphs from Tasks like Line Plot, Histograms from Distribution Analysis and Control Charts.  The first time that I run them I get the expected colors, etc. then at random times when I run a query on  the data and rerun the Task, the colors will change to simple white background and black lines.  Second, I have experienced situations where the graph will not be created, again, Line Plot and Histogram from Distribution Analysis.  I have copied the SAS code and placed in the SAS Editor (Base/Foundation) and run the code.  I get the correct and expected graphs.  I have also pasted the SAS code into an EG code node and run it separately.  That produces the same output as running the Task in the UI.  I've also tried checking both the Traditional and ODS boxes.  I get the same result regardless of which box I check.  Has anyone else experienced this? 

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Re: Graphics in EG

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  I've been using EG a lot lately for graphs, both EG 4.3 and EG 5.1 and I have not experienced this issue. However, if you can repeat the same steps and get the same undesirable results each time, then I would recommend opening a track with Tech Support. They can determine if it is a defect and alert the developers of the issue if necessary.


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