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Generated Code for Excel Import

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Generated Code for Excel Import

(1) I tried to import an xls file on EG using the SAS/ACCESS to PC files method and when I check the generated code the path of the datafile is pointing on where the xls file resides, which is correct.

(2) On another machine, I tried the same approach but when i check on the generated code I can see that the path on the datafile points to an xls file pointing to the work directory and seems to be a copy of the original xls file.

Any ideas how to always get (1) when the excel generates the code?

Thank you!

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Re: Generated Code for Excel Import

If your SAS session is on a different machine than your local PC (or where your Excel file resides), then EG needs to move a copy of the file to SAS for importing.  That might be what you're seeing in the generated code with the WORK directory reference.

You could use the Copy Files task to move the Excel file first, and then perform the Import Task using the file in the server-based file system.  But that still leaves the "copy step" unaccounted for within your SAS program -- in case you are looking to reuse that program elsewhere.


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