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GMAP procedures

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GMAP procedures

Does EG not come with the MAP data sets??
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Re: GMAP procedures

On my local install of EG and SAS, the MAP datasets are available and on my BI server, the MAP datasets are available. I know you have a chance to install the MAP datasets when you install SAS, because when I install SAS on my machine, I always have to click a check box to install the MAP datasets. I don't install SAS on our BI server, but I know that we have to give a list of desired software to the person who does do that install; so I figure it works much the same way as a local install (that you have to click a check box to install the MAP datasets).

This seems to me to be a question for the folks at your site who did the install. Sometimes they do not install the MAP datasets (or the SAS Help files or the SAS Sample programs) to save space. Tech Support can help you figure out which of the install CDs contains the MAP datasets. If you do not have a SAS/Graph license, I'm not sure whether you get the MAP datasets. But Tech Support could answer that question, too.

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Re: GMAP procedures

The SAS Data Visualisation Community includes this useful link to "Maps online" .
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Re: GMAP procedures

3 years late on my answer ;-)

But thought I'd add some info, in case others are searching the forums looking for answers to similar questions...

If you have a SAS/Graph license, you are entitled to the maps. If the maps are installed on your system, they should be in the "maps" library. You could try "proc contents; run;" to see if they are there.

In older versions of SAS, you were asked whether or not you wanted to install the maps (to save space). Also, in much-older SAS installs, I have seen a few instances where the map data sets were left in a compressed state - compressed in the operating-system sense of the word, not just a SAS-compressed data set (I've seen this situation in the SAS 6.09 installs at NCSU)... in which case they would need to be uncompressed via operating system commands (such as 'uncompress maps.ssd01.Z' on Unix) before using them.

But in recent releases of SAS, now that disk space is cheap & plentiful, the maps are installed by default with SAS/Graph, and should be ready to go. (I'm not sure if there's any caveat/difference with EG installs.)

There is also the possibility that whoever did your SAS install might have deleted the maps if they thought nobody was using them, to save space (such as, if an IT department does mass-installs on many computers, in a University setting, or such).
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