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Future color scheme for Enterprise Guide

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Future color scheme for Enterprise Guide

Dear SAS Colleges,


I have heard at the SAS Forum Copenhagen that the EG Color scheme moves towards the one used in SAS Studio and probably other SAS Viya UI's. The blue/black/white scheme may seem noble and elegant but I think that colors other than that adds to the visual perception and thus for better use. Typing this mesage I can see som yellow and orange besides the blue color gradients. Both IOs and Windows use a plethora of colors. Yes a folder is yellow.


What is more appealing to you when we compare EG with SAS Studio?



Now what do you think?

1) UI's should use different colors because it is functional.

2) It's fine with the blueish color scheme. It's more noble.


I vote for 1)



Peter Kellberg


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Re: Future color scheme for Enterprise Guide

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If a UI scheme that is widely used and accepted is removed, I guess lots of users would start cleaning their shotguns Smiley Happy

So I bet it will be up to the users which one they use.


Bottom line: if it ain't broken, don't fix it. EG sure doesn't look broken to me.


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