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Full outer join in EG

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Full outer join in EG

Whilst working in EG 5.1 I found out the full outer join of two tables didn't work as expected. In the result all missing values were, well, missing. As far as I know a full outer join should combine the tables as a whole, carrying along the missing values as well. Our SAS consultant says the full outer join doesn't work the way it should.

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Re: Full outer join in EG

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A full outer join will return all the records from both tables, matching up records based on the join condition.  But including the records from "both sides" even when there isn't a match.

There is a good description here:

The Query Builder generates the FULL JOIN syntax for the SQL step.  If the results aren't what you expect, perhaps you can provide more details about your data tables and we can help to diagnose it.

If you're looking for a UNION - like an Append behavior -- try the Data->Append Table task.


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